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Poker770 Migration FAQ

1. What is my username on

Your username will remain exactly the same as the one you had on Please remember that the format for your username is as follows: PSRXXXXXXXX. If you have forgotten your username please send an email to our Customer Service team at:

2. What is going to happen to my real money balance?

When you migrate your account from Poker770 to NetBet, your real money balance is automatically transferred to your NetBet account. You can immediately access your funds on NetBet once migrated.

3. How do I migrate my Poker770 account to NetBet?

Simply log in to the Poker770 software and we will install the NetBet software and migrate your account automatically.

4. Can I still play on Poker770?

It is no longer possible to play with the Poker770 software, however once you have migrated your account you can immediately play and access your funds and bonuses on

5. How can I cash out my Poker770 real money balance?

Simply migrate your Poker770 account to NetBet and access your funds from You may then immediately request a cash out once your account has been migrated.

6. What happens to my Poker770 pending bonuses, VIP status and points?

Don’t worry, all Poker770 bonuses, points, balances and VIP status’ will be transferred to NetBet! As a loyal player from Poker770 you will also be able to enjoy more bonuses and special offers on NetBet. The VIP Club will be the same as the Poker770 Club, therefore you will still have the same advantages plus lots more! Please allow up to 24 hours for the transfer of bonuses and points into your account.

7. Do I keep the same password as I had for my Poker770 account?

Yes, your password will be the same as the one you used for your Poker770 account. So, after you have logged in to the Poker770 software to complete migration, you can sign in to our NetBet website using the same credentials.

8. Why is Poker770 changing to NetBet?

Poker770 has been a well-established poker brand for 12 years and is joining forces with NetBet in order to offer you a wider range of products and games. We hope you will enjoy being part of our larger family.

9. What poker software does NetBet use?

NetBet uses the same Playtech software as Poker770!

10. I had a pending withdrawal when my account was being migrated to NetBet. What is going to happen to my withdrawal?

Don’t worry! If you had a pending withdrawal when you migrated your account, we would have automatically cancelled it and put it back into your real money balance. In any case, you will now immediately be able to access all of your funds and request the pending withdrawal again on Poker770.

11. Will there be a maintenance period?

Yes, unfortunately the software will be unavailable for a few hours on the 3rd of September 2014 while we update accounts.

12. Will I keep my advertiser/affiliate?

Yes - your account will continue to be linked with your affiliate.

13. Will the standard promotions (Free20, Cash machine, Free Festival, MPS) also be available on NetBet?

Yes - all current Poker770 promotions will continue and you can keep up to date with exciting new offers at As a player with an existing account you will NOT be able to claim "new player" or "welcome" bonuses.